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Early Subtraction

Watch Ann's video to learn more about this valuable resource for students learning early subtraction skills.

Subtraction has many facets which include strategies, representations and contexts. This series covers the key aspects of learning early subtraction comprehensively. The package can be purchased as a whole or the components can be used separately when the teacher sees a need for a particular aspect of student learning that needs attention.

The material is also set within the context of an inquiry that will enable you to show where the students started from and where they have reached in their exploration of subtraction.

The series consists of:

# Part Contents Get it
1 Strategy lessons This package has the resources and STAR model questions you'll need to effectively support these early subtraction strategies:
• Strategy 1 – Finger Gnosis
• Strategy 2 – Conceptual Subitizing
• Strategy 3 – Count Back
• Strategy 4 – Count On or Count Back?
• Strategy 5 – Working with Unknowns
Learn More $22.00
2 Mental routines A mental routine is a 10 – 15 minute session whose main purpose is to engage students in using the language of a maths topic. During a mental routine, questions are asked at three levels:
• Closed questions that give all students a sense of success.
• Open questions that allow for multiple answers.
• Flip questions where students ask for clues as to what the teacher has in mind.
This package has 4 mental routines with resources and questions to develop a positive disposition towards subtraction.
Learn More $8.80
3 Problematized situations This package has 10 problematized situations to support your students' development of the key early subtraction strategies with anchor charts, student and teacher notes and all the key support materials you'll need for implementation.
Learn More $11.00
4 Word problems There are 10 word problems with teacher slides, student slides and helpful notes and tips to ensure successful implementation. Our materials are based on the STAR model:
• Sort Out
• Think about
• Action
• Reflection
Learn More $8.80
5 Number talk Students need practice, but rather than 'drill and kill', that practice needs to be designed to develop deep understanding, as well as procedural knowledge and recall. Many students do not look at the numbers in a subtraction in a mathematically thoughtful way. This package will support them to learn how to do so with 9 number talk resources! Learn More $6.60
6 Games The six games in this package are designed to reinforce the key strategies, number talk and support subtraction fluency. Teacher notes, reflections and clear instructions are all included. Learn More $7.70
7 Complete Edition Subtraction has many facets which include strategies, representations and contexts. This download contains all of the material listed above, and consists of:

• Strategy lessons – covering: Finger Gnosis, Conceptual Subitizing, Count Back, Count On or Count Back?, Working with Unknowns
• Mental routines
• Problematized situations
• Word problems
• Number talk
• All six Games
Learn More $55.00

You may purchase these resources as a whole package or access the components separately when you see a need for attention on a particular aspect of early subtraction.

Are you having an impact?

John Hattie has coined the phrase 'know thy impact'. Teachers are more and more being expected to know if they are having sufficient impact on their students' learning. Teachers are also expected to involve students in knowing the learning intentions and to be involved in knowing how well they are meeting the success criteria. With this in mind, we have planned this mini-classroom based inquiry such that we can begin to collect data about our impact: what's working, what we can achieve and how we can share the learning journey with our students.

Try a free sample Use the Download a Free Sample button on the package page to ‘test drive’ the resources in this package.